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fish tanks in the XGSC

Questions regarding Xiphophorus fish or for live fish requests


Markita Savage
Stock Center Manager
CENT 421  
(512) 245-8469  

Scientific or Research Questions for the Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center

Inquiries about our research may be directed to:

Dr. Yuan Lu
Associate Director
CENT 418  
(512) 245-0357  
fish tanks in the XGSC


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Contributions to the XGSC are always welcome and appreciated. Such funding helps insure that the center will continue to maintain a high standard of excellence in stock purity and species/strain preservation. Such contributions can be made by submitting checks to "The Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center." The director of the XGSC can be directly contacted regarding such donations (see above). A formal receipt is promptly provided to the contributor(s) for tax purposes.